Great Lakes 
Stem Cell Innovation Center
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About Us

TechTown is the home of the Great Lakes Stem Cell Innovation Center, which is an incubator for companies like MitoStem developing innovative technologies for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. The Great Lakes Stem Cell Innovation Center is a business accelerator in its own right. It exists to facilitate stem cell research for companies worldwide by providing physical lab space and an infrastructure designed to expedite stem cell research and clinical trials. 

GLSCIC Features
  • Purpose designed space for bringing advances in stem cell research and regenerative medicine to market.        
  • Services available for stem cell lines include: Expansion, Maintenance, Cryopreservation and Characterization
Profiles of Target Companies 

New Stem Cell Technologies:

Complementary Technologies:
-Tissue culture media
-Tissue culture substrates
-Tissue engineering

Stem Cell Therapies
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